Saturday, May 25, 2013

Single in Midland, Texas

I always like what I can’t have. Most men are like boys, they want their toys and women. I take that back some boys like boys, but I am not one of them. LoL, I just want a fun loving height, weight, proportionate, lovely looking girl. I don’t even care how young or old she is. Age does not matter, I have dated mostly 20-30 year olds over the past three years, and they are fashionable. I can relate to them and they to me. I would like to try going out with a woman that is my age, though, and I know they exist. Look at Valerie Bertinelli, perfect example of  women who is 53 and hot looking and funny.

My expectations are too high, possibly. Brooke Shields is my age and she looks fantastic, and she has a delightful personality. Where are the clones. By now, I am being called an arrogant, asshole by most of the local women in this city and rightfully so. There is nothing to do in Midland, Texas and the only interest is eating Mexican food, we have more Mexican food in this city than most cities combined. It makes for a heavy weight looking girl that can’t place in my sports car. Well, I have a right to say what I am, and its my blog, so I like skinny, or regular size, girls that are lovely and charming that like to walk around the house in their panties and cuddle with me. Is that too much to ask.

Craigslist and Plenty of Fish has not worked and I have been called arrogant, selfish, and a lot of other kind words because of what I seek. If you are not from Midland, Texas, you need to know what activities are involved in this town.

We are growing because of the oil industry, and there are now people from all around the world in this city of 100k  residents. The local women, that are not married go for the rich man, because there  is plenty of millionaires in this town. The activities are drinking and eating out. There are no lakes or Oceans even close by. DFW is a 6 hour drive and worth it on the weekends, and Corpus Christy is about 9 hrs to take, so not exceeding accessible for weekend trips. So one is usually stuck around after work.

Therefor the only physical action is making love and eating. I put this in a truthful sense. There is not  one women I have met that does not have grand children, and she is age 40 or above and also has a child or three living with her. I don’t like that. One kid, ok, but the local women, have many children by the time they reach mid 30s and into their 40s. They get depressed not because they want to. Its because of the in activity that surrounds them and I blame them not. I feel sorry for them, and now they are decent people inside and out. I have many friends that a challenging and love them exceedingly.

However, personally I like what I seek, and if I don’t find her, then single is the way I will wait until I move. We all have preferences, and I prefer the above type women. I don’t think it is wrong to describe myself, I like to love someone I, possibly would like to marry. So if, you’re her let me know. Again, I am not bashing al local women, in this town, just making an statement, of what I have seen in the last 4 years, I have lived here. God Bless all the women in this county, and I wish them well.  

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